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Your Korean Name from Chinese

Your chinese name in Korean

Apart from having their names in Korean letters, most Koreans also have their names in Chinese characters. For an example, the name of JungKook(정국) in BTS in Korean is ‘전정국’. His name in Chinese character is 田柾國.  They may sound similar but the pronounciation can be different in most cases. So if your name is in Chinese,  it can be easily converted into Korean letters and sounds. The below are translations of some of the most common Chinese names into Korean. Take a look and find your Korean name.
For example, Lee Hsien Loong, the Prime minister of Singapore has the Chinese name 李顯龍. It can be converted to Yee Hyeon Yong (이현용).

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Your Chinese surname in Korean

Chinese surname in Korean

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Your Chinese name in Korean

Conversion Chinese name in Korean

How to read your Chinese name in Korean

Then how to read your Chinese name in Korean? Here is convenient app which shows you how it sounds. 
Choose your surname(姓氏) and given name(名字) in the app below then it will show you how it sound and how to write it.

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Some try to translate theirs into Korean by Google Translate which is still flawed, Korean dictionaries are the most reliable. Go to Naver Dictionary or Daum Dictionary to search for your Korean names not found in the chart.

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Many more Chinese words in Korean

Korean Level Test to check your level

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