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How to make Korean letters with consonants and vowels Part2

how to make Korean letters part2

This is ‘how to make Korean letters part2’.
A Korean letter is made by combining a consonant and a vowel.  A consonant or a vowel alone cannot be a complete letter to make a sound. So, a consonant and a vowel have to be combined to form a letter to make a sound. 
Learn how to arrange consonants and vowels to form letters with our online app below. This is the easiest way to learn and practice Korean letters with no cost.
This is the part2. If you didn’t practice part1, we recommend you practice part1 first. 

Or if you don’t know Korean alphabet Hangul, try to learn it first through the buttons below.

How to make Korean letters

1.Select a consonant 
2.Select a vowel
3.Combine the selected consonant and vowels to make a Korean letter
!!! Turn on the volume to hear the pronunciation of the letter you have made

If you want to learn more about Korean letters and learn Korean language, join our free trial lesson or contact us for Korean language classes. Our Korean teachers are selected through a tough assessment by the principal. 


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