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Welcome to SEOUL Korean Language Centre.
You are at the right place if you want to have interactive and conversational Korean classes.
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in Singapore, our office will be open by appointment only.
However, we are still open to enquiries and lessons. Feel free to contact SEOUL Korean language centre with the following means below.

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If you are enquiring about Korean language classes, 

please tell us your preferred classes such as 

  • – TOPIK, 
  • – group, 
  • – private Korean lessons or and 
  • – the level you are interested in.

We will assist you in a few hours.

Working Hours of SKLC

Before visiting SKLC, please make an appointment with us. Contact with SKLC will be available after 11 am by WhatsApp.

Alternatively, you can leave an enquiry to SKLC through the online form above or an email to SKLC. We will assist you promptly.

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Frankly speaking, I enjoy myself in every lesson and always looking forward to attend the next lesson. If you intend to take Korean language, I strongly recommend Seoul Korean language centre. I am sure you will enjoy it.
recommend Seoul Korean language
Tan Wee Chong

– Group Lessons
– Private Lesson
– Basic Courses
– Intermediate Courses
– Advanced Courses
– TOPIK 1 and 2
– ZOOM Live

– Free
– 1 hour
– Learn Korean Alphabet
– Zoom Live

– Free
– Online
– Instant Result
– Course Consultation
– Korean Alphabet Hangul
– Basic to Advanced
– TOPIK Past Papers

  • – Free
  • – Learn Korean Alphabet
  • – Korean Vocabulary
  • – Grammar Practice
  • – Youtube video
  • – Many more programs
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