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Effective Writing Tips for the TOPIK Exam

In this posting, we will introduce best 4 effective writing tips for the TOPIK exam. 

Here are the key points:

1. Do Not Omit Markers:

It is crucial not to omit grammatical markers in TOPIK Writing, as they significantly impact the clarity and correctness of your sentences. This is a very important scoring point. 

For example:

“주말 방 청소 한다.” should be written as “주말에 방 청소를 한다.”

“서울 볼거리 많다.” should be corrected to “서울에 볼거리가 많다.”

2. Avoid Honorific Language for Third Parties:

When writing in the TOPIK exam, do not use honorific language for a third party, even if they are older or of higher social status. For instance:

“김이정 교수 님께서 쓰신 책에 나와 있는 내용이다.” should be “김이정 교수가 쓴 책에 나와 있는 내용이다.”

3. Avoid Using Abbreviations:

In TOPIK writing, abbreviations should not be used. This ensures the formality of your writing. Examples include:

“근데” (But) → “그런데” (However),

“만약에” (If) → “만약” (If),

“땜에” (Because of) → “때문에” (Due to),

“왜냐면” (Because) → “왜냐하면” (Because),

“맘대로” (As one likes) → “마음대로” (As one wishes),

“그치만” (But) → “그렇지만” (However).

4. Use Formal Adverbs Appropriately:

It’s advisable not to use informal adverbs like “대박,” “진짜,” and “별로.” 

Instead, opt for more formal expressions to convey your thoughts:

“영화가 대박 재미있었다” should be “영화가 굉장히 재미있었다”

“사람들이 진짜 많다” can be replaced with “사람들이 아주 많다” or “사람들이 매우 많다”

“이 책이 별로다” should be altered to “이 책을 좋아하지 않는다”, and “음식 맛이 별로다” to “음식이 맛이 없다”

These guidelines are designed to help you achieve a better score by employing appropriate language forms in your TOPIK writing. The upcoming example of a worksheet distributed for practice at our center further encourages you to convert it into 문어체 as an exercise, reinforcing the principles discussed.

저는 한국으로 공부하러 온 유학생입니다. 한국 온 지 벌써 1년 되었어요. 저는 한국에서 생활하는 게 좋아요.
여러 나라에서 온 친구랑 함께 공부도 하고, 한국어와 한국 문화를 배우는 게 즐거워요. 그래도 가끔 외로울 때 있어요.
특히 몸이 아플 때, 우리 나라 돌아가고 싶어요. 그치만 어려움 참고 유학 생활 성공적으로 마치고 나서 우리 나라에 돌아 갈 거예요.

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