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How to sound your Chinese name in Korean?

How to Sound your Chinese Name in Korean

how to sound your chinese name in korean

Chinese naming system is very similar with Korean. Almost Koreans have their names in Chinese characters which they call ‘hanja(漢字)’. Thus it is not so difficult to convert your Chinese name to Korean. However, the pronunciation in Korean differs from Chinese. You have to know how to sound your Chinese name in Korean.

The following app will show you how to pronounce and write your name in Korean. 
Click(in your pc or laptop) or touch(in your mobile phone)  your surname(姓氏) or given name(名字), then the Korean letter of your name will appear and speak your Korean name.

If your name is not in the list above, try to find it on google translate.

If you want to learn Korean more

If you know the Korean language, you will be able to enjoy the Korean culture so much more than now.

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