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SEOUL Korean Language Centre Singapore​

Seoul Korean Language Centre Singapore offers top-quality Korean language classes through teachers who have majored in Korean and have been selected based on strict criteria. These teachers undergo several months of training and a probation period to ensure excellence. Our classes are conducted in an interactive and engaging atmosphere, making learning Korean fun and easy.

Although we are not a large school and cannot accept Skills Future Credit, our tuition fees are more affordable. This makes us a wiser long-term choice compared to larger academies where you might use Skills Future Credit once but then face higher fees.

Our centre also provides worksheets and various online materials, making it an excellent place to learn Korean or prepare for the TOPIK exam. Once you experience a class with our carefully selected Korean teachers, you’ll definitely choose Seoul Korean Language Centre Singapore.

"Every student has the opportunity to speak in Korean."

Teacher Song believes the merit of language schools must lie in involving students to speak the Korean language. Hence, she advocates interactive and conversational classes to encourage students to speak Korean as well.

We do not tolerate chalk and talk where the teacher simply quotes textbooks and students monotonously take down notes. Students, apart from the teacher, have to participate in the class as well, since they are learning a language that is an intrinsic tool of communicative interaction.

For this purpose, we assign various activities which allow students to interact with one another by conversing in Korean and reap the fun of having to apply what they have learnt just minutes ago. Therefore, in our classes, every individual student has the opportunity to speak in Korean

During lessons, there are many opportunities for us to speak korean language.
I had a lot of fun while learning a new language at SKLC.
Review of a Korean course
Lew Kai Xian
best korean teacher

The Principal of SEOUL Korean Language Centre Singapore, Teacher Song, has majored in the Bachelor’s Degree in Korean Culture and Language. And thereafter she was awarded the certificate of Korean language Teacher.
This certificate is recognised by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of South Korea, the only authority in the world that supervises the qualification of Korean language teachers.

Although she has undergone institutional progress to become a certified Korean teacher, this does not mean that she pursues a strict academic Korean class. As can be seen from her students’ testimonials, her lessons are notably fun and engaging with activities.

Ms Song has been very experienced and always very patient and encouraging.
Her tone, teaching speed, explanation are very comfortable and clear.
Patricia chew
Patricia Chew

Why online?

1. You can save time and money commuting to and from school.

2. There are no health issues that arise from group classes.

3. Tuition fees are cheaper than face-to-face classes.

4. Homework and practice can be done online.

This has to be one of the best korean classes I’ve taken.
After doing some online, this class was very fun!
Not only were the materials good, the teacher was also very engaging
and made us use Korean more than I could ever have imagined!
Alphonsus Yong
Seoul Korean Language Centre Singapore

Best place to learn Korean

Thank you.
SEOUL Korean language centre Singapore is the most interactive and conversational Korean language school in Singapore, one of the best places to learn the Korean language in the right way.
Hope to see you at our centre.

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