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Korean Language Textbook and Materials

Korean Language Textbook of SKLC

Looking for the perfect Korean textbook to kickstart your language journey? The Seoul Korean Language Centre has crafted a unique solution with English speakers in Singapore in mind. Understanding the challenges beginners face, we’ve noticed that while the market is flooded with options, most Korean language textbooks are designed more for self-study than classroom engagement. This observation highlighted two main issues: the intimidating complexity for newcomers and the practical inconvenience of their bulky, heavy designs.

To address these concerns, we’ve developed our own compact-sized Korean textbook. Tailored specifically for beginners, this innovative resource simplifies the learning process, making it accessible and manageable. Unlike the thick and cumbersome study books commonly found, our textbook is designed to be both portable and learner-friendly, ensuring that carrying your study materials around is no longer a chore.

Our self-made Korean textbook stands out not just for its beginner-friendly approach, but also for its efficiency and ease of use. It’s light, compact, and filled with content that’s specifically structured to enhance learning in a classroom setting or for individual study. For those advancing beyond the basics, we complement our beginner textbook with a range of self-created study materials and selected Korean books suitable for upper-level students.

Embrace the ease and convenience of learning Korean with the Seoul Korean textbook, your ideal companion for embarking on this language learning adventure in Singapore. Perfect for those seeking a straightforward, effective way to dive into Korean studies, our textbook is a testament to our commitment to providing high-quality, tailored language education solutions.

korean language textbook

Engaging Korean Study Materials

Mastering a new language goes beyond mere textbook study; it’s about immersing yourself in speaking and listening to truly familiarize yourself with it. This is why, in the realm of language acquisition, practice takes precedence over traditional book learning. Recognizing this, the creation of engaging learning materials is crucial, especially for beginners eager to weave the Korean language into their daily routines rather than approaching it as just another subject to be studied. This principle is at the heart of our approach at Seoul Korean Language Centre, where we focus on making Korean study materials that facilitate a more natural and habitual learning process.

With ‘Korean study materials’ as our keyword, we’ve dedicated ourselves to developing resources that not only support but also enhance the learning journey. Our materials are designed with the beginner in mind, offering a blend of practical exercises and engaging content that encourages the learner to incorporate Korean into their everyday life, transforming their study time into an enjoyable habit.

Here, we’re excited to share a selection of our proprietary materials, each crafted to make your journey into the Korean language as smooth and effective as possible. Our commitment to creating quality Korean study materials reflects our understanding that the essence of language learning is rooted in active engagement and consistent practice.

Discover the difference that well-crafted Korean study materials can make in your language learning adventure. With our resources, learning Korean becomes not just a goal but a pleasant part of your daily routine, setting the foundation for lasting proficiency and a deep appreciation for the language and its culture.

Learn Korean alphabet Hangul online

Learn Korean Alphabet

The very first stepping stone in your Korean learning journey.
This free course is to learn Korean letters online by self-study.
Upon completion, take our Online Hangul Level Test to test your Korean literacy.

Practice Korean vocabulary online

Practice Korean Vocabulary

For beginners who wish to catch two birds with one stone by learning some Korean words while practising your Korean letters, try this.
Consequently, you can take our Korean Vocabulary Test to check your vocabulary skill.

how to pronounce korean

How to pronounce Korean consonants

This video is supplementary for those who are on our online course.
We advise users to watch this again after completing basic consonants at our free Hangul online programme.
This video is created by Seoul Korean Language Centre with the aim of aiding the pronunciation of Korean letters for non-natives.

If you would like to know more about our Korean textbooks, please contact our center.

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