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It’s very important who you learn from when you first start learning Korean. If you learn Korean just like learning ‘Hello’ and ‘I love you’ from any Korean who knows the language, it’s difficult to know much beyond a basic vocabulary level without a fundamental understanding of the Korean language system. At our academy, teachers who have obtained official teaching credentials from the Korean government are selected through in-depth interviews and trial lectures, and after undergoing our academy’s own training period, they are assigned to teach as official instructors. We hope you enjoy and learn Korean accurately with our carefully selected top Korean teachers.

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Best Korean teachers of Seoul Korean Language Centre

Korean language teacher ChoiMina
I had lots of fun and great time learning korean at Seoul Korean language centre. The teacher and the staff is very friendly. Ms Song makes the learning very interesting so that we learn the language more effortlessly. Overall it was a good experience learning in Seoul Korean language centre🙂
Korean Language Teacher HanSooHyun
Teacher Song’s explanation makes it easy and interesting to understand Korean Language. She is patient to clear all doubts and explain all questions. I always look forward to the next class and learning new things from her! Great environment too!
Korean Language Teacher KimYeeSeul
I enjoy myself in every lesson and always looking forward to attend the next lesson. If you intend to take Korean language, I strongly recommend Seoul Korean language centre. I am sure you will enjoy it.
Korean Language Teacher KimYoonJung
This has to be one of the best Korean classes I've taken. After doing some online, this class was very fun! Not only were the materials good, the teacher was also very engaging and made us use Korean more than I could ever have imagined!

*국립국어원 (National Institute of Korean Language)

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