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Best place to Learn Korean in Singapore

Welcome! You are at the right place to start to learn Korean in Singapore.
SEOUL Korean Language Centre is student-centric. We offer conversational and interactive Korean language classes where students have dedicated time to practice speaking Korean.
Our online Korean class exposes students to various practical exercises.
Try our online Trial Lesson below to see how learning can be effective online at SEOUL Korean. You could learn the basics of the Korean alphabet Hangul.

If you are looking to learn Korean in Singapore, SEOUL Korean Language Centre is the best choice.

Newly opening korean language class

All-inclusive for $255

If you register by the end of July.


Our classes are highly interactive and conversational, conducted by professional teachers.

We believe Korean classes must be interactive where each student has ample chances to speak Korean. Our conversational Korean classes involve various materials to engage our students in diverse activities to instantly apply the spoken language they have just learnt minutes ago. 

Since COVID19, we have been conducting online Korean classes via Live ZOOM.

Online Korean class is safer and comfortable without masks.
Meet us online at your sweet home!

To visit our physical classroom, please make an appointment.

This has to be one of the best Korean classes I've taken.
After doing some online, this class was very fun! Not only were the materials good, the teacher was also very engaging and made us use Korean more than I could ever have imagined!

Want to learn the Korean language for fun?
Planning to study or work in Korea?
You are all welcome here.

All our courses are TOPIK syllabus. 

I enjoy myself in every lesson and always looking forward to attend the next lesson. If you intend to take Korean language, I strongly recommend Seoul Korean language centre. I am sure you will enjoy it.

Learn Korean!
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SEOUL Korean Language Centre Singapore conducts its classes through teachers who have majored in Korean and have been selected based on strict criteria, followed by several months of training and a probation period.
Classes are always conducted in an interactive atmosphere to make learning Korean fun and easy.

SEOUL Korean Language Centre Singapore is one of the best places to learn the Korean language in the right way.

If you are in the midway of learning Korean, take the free Korean Placement Tests to find your class.

It takes only 10 minutes to complete an online test. Conveniently find which course best suits you. All our online tests are free.

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