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Korean Language Basic 1 for Beginners

$ 310 per 8 weeks

Korean Language Basic1 Class

TOPIK Korean Course

TOPIK I Korean Course

korean language basic1

The "Korean Language Basic1" Course is the first class for those beginning to learn Korean. It covers essential letters and reading and writing skills, as well as basic expressions and grammar using the most fundamental vocabulary necessary for learning Korean.

Course Duration

  • Once a week
  • 2hrs X 8 weeks
  • On-site

Upcoming Classes

  • On-Site
  • Every Saturday 1:15pm to 3:15pm, starting on 18 May -FULL
  • Every Tuesday 7:00pm to 9:00pm, starting on 4 June

Trial Lessons

  • 24 May, Fri, 7:30 pm, On-Site
  • 26 May, Sun, 12:00 pm, zoom
  • 2 Jun, Sun, 4:00 pm, On-site
  • 3 Jun, Mon, 7:00 pm, zoom

You will learn

  1. How to read and write the Korean Alphabet Hangul.
  2. Korean expression related to greetings and introduction
  3. Korean vocabulary about countries, occupations, food, drink and family.


  • Intro: Korean Alphabet Hangeul
  • 1과: 안녕하세요? (How are you?)
  • 2과: 이거는 뭐예요? (What is this?)
  • 3과: 이거 주세요. (This one please.)

Textbook and materials

  • 서울한국어1(Seoul Korean Language) by Seoul Korean LC
  • Korean Language Basic1 Worksheet for Writing Practice
  • More audio materials will be provided during the class.
seoul korean textbook


  • Course: $255
  • Textbook and Material: $35
  • Registration: $20
  • Total Sum: $310

Payment Method

PayNow is preferred

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Please inform us via WhatsApp(+65 9721 2433) or email ([email protected]) after you have deposited the tuition fee.


If you have any further questions, please contact us via WhatsApp (+6597212433) or send an email to [email protected].

More contact information for the Seoul Korean Language Centre is here.

Course Currilcum

    • Basic1 Listening assignments no1 00:10:00
    • Basic1 Lesson1 @ZOOM 01:08:00
    • Basic1 Listening assignments no2 00:10:00
    • Basic1 Lesson2, Lecture Video 2020 Unlimited
    • Basic1 Lesson2 @ZOOM Unlimited
    • Basic1 Listening assignments no3 00:10:00
    • Basic1 Lesson3 @ZOOM Unlimited
    • Basic1 Listening assignments no4 00:10:00
    • Basic1 Lesson4 @ZOOM Unlimited
    • Basic1 Listening assignments no5 00:10:00
    • Basic1 Lesson5 @ZOOM Unlimited
    • Basic1 Listening assignments no6 00:20:00
    • Basic1 Lesson6 @ZOOM Unlimited
    • Basic1 Lesson7 @ZOOM Unlimited
    • Basic1 Lesson8 @ZOOM Unlimited
    • Basic1 Lesson8 N이/가 있어요[없어요] 00:00:00
    • Basic1 Lesson8 이거 주세요 00:00:00
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