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King Sejong’s Korean Alphabet Hangul

Korean Alphabet Hangul

Korean alphabet Hangul

Korean alphabet Hangul is the letter system of the Korean language. It was created by King Sejong around 600 years ago. It consists of only 14 basic consonants and 10 basic vowels, so it is very easy to learn. SEOUL Korean language school Singapore made some free online program to Learn Korean alphabet Hangul and offers a free Korean language trial lesson to learn 10 basic letters. Furthermore, you can continue to master Korean language in the Korean language classes of our Centre.

Let’s learn more about Korean alphabet Hangul.

Table of contents

  1. Consonants and vowels
    • 10 Basic consonants
    • 14 Basic vowels
  2. How to make a letter
  3. How to learn Korean alphabet

Consonants and vowels of Korean alphabet Hangul

Hangul is made of consonants and vowels, which means it is not like Chinese but like English. Hangul uses a consonant and a vowel to make a letter. In this manner, you can combine Hangul letter to pronounce any sounds . Let’s see how these consonants and vowels combine to make a letter. It is easier than you think.

10 Basic Consonants

how to write Korean letters-consonants

These are the 10 basic consonants in Korean alphabet Hangul. There are 5 double consonants ㄲ, ㄸ, ㅃ, ㅆ, and ㅉ and 11 complex consonants. However, the complex consonants are very limited in usage.

14 Basic Vowels

How to write Korean letters-vowels

Here are all the vowels including combined vowels. The above 14 vowels are the basic vowels in Korean alphabet Hangul and the below 8 combined vowels consists of two basic vowels formed together.

How to make a letter in Korean language

how to make Korean letters

There are two types of combining, top-down and left-right. If the vowel has a vertical bar, it comes after a consonant. On the other hand, when the vowel has a horizontal bar, it comes below the consonant.
If you want to try to make a Korean letter and hear how it sounds, try our online Korean language program ‘How to make a letter in Korean alphabet Hangul

How to learn Korean Alphabet

Korean Pronouncing Table

As you can see, King Sejong’s Korean alphabet Hangul is very easy to learn compared to any language. Start learning the Korean language at SEOUL Korean Language School, the best place to master Korean language in Singapore.

If you want to learn Korean alphabet Hangul further, try our free Korean alphabet Hangul online course.
You can learn 10 basic Korean letters from our teacher in person at the Korean language trial lesson.
If you know Korean alphabet already, take the Korean alphabet test on the Korean placement test page.

If you have any queries on learning Korean language, visit our centre or call our staff for assistance. You are welcome.

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