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Korean Words Derived from English – Foods

Korean words derived from English – Foods

The following are the Korean words derived from English especially related to foods, like ‘fried chicken’, ‘sandwich’, ‘coffee’, ‘sushi’, ‘dessert’ ‘coke’, ‘pizza’, hamburger’, ‘cheese’, and ‘sausage’ in Korean.
There are many more Korean words derived from English. These are very basic words related to foods. If you learn more, try to learn Korean using our online Korean word practice program.

Chicken, sandwich, coffee, sushi, dessert in Korean
chicken, sandwich, coffee, sushi, dessert in KoreanCoke/Pepsi, pizza, hamburger, cheese, sausage in Korean
These are Korean vocals about food derived from English. As you have noticed, most of the foods here are from the West. Factually speaking, both “스시” and “sushi” originate from Japanese “寿司” but I added them as both still sound similar and hence it is easier for English speakers to memorise.

I would also like to make a little note on “치킨”. Koreans usually refer to “치킨” to mean fried chicken but not other chicken meat cooked by other methods.

I hope this is helpful for those who want to gain Korean words as easy as possible.

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