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Common expressions used in Korean classrooms.

Going to a Korean class? There are some common Korean expressions used in classrooms but do not appear in Korean textbooks, hence you may be puzzled by what Korean teachers say. Here are some examples of these common expressions in Korean classes. 

Just to make sure you won’t be blurred in learning a foreign language, you can prepare yourself by listening to the expressions before coming to Korean classes. Try and repeat until you get used to them. 

Look at your book. (책을 보세요.)


Please read. (읽으세요.)


Please write. (쓰세요.)


Listen carefully. (잘 들으세요.)


Do you have any question? (질문 있어요?)


Please follow me. (따라하세요.)



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  1. Hi, is the lesson 7 taken out already? I want to revise today again but it is no longer there. Thank you.

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