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How to write Korean alphabet Hangul

Learning a new language is not easy, there is no exception to the Korean language.
You may be still stumbling over how to write Korean alphabet Hangul correctly even after a class. So here is the guide to the ways to write Korean consonants and vowels in correct stroke order. Learning Korean will be much easier when you get used to it. If you ignore how to write Korean correctly, writing letters is no more writing but just drawing.

Korean alphabet Hangul

Learning Korean language starts from learning Hangul, the Korean alphabet. Reading, speaking, and writing the Hangul is the Korean language basics to continue learning the Korean language.

14 basic Korean consonant letters

There are 14 basic consonant letters in Hangul.  Some are derived from others, so similar in shape and pronounce with its basic letter. So the very basic consonants in Hangul are just 8 letters. The earlier 8 letters in the following image are them.

How to write Korean alphabet Hangul

The stroke order of writhing Korean consonants

How to write the Korean alphabet Hangul? Follow the stroke order in the image below. Practice writing them repeatedly.

how to write Korean letters-consonants

How to pronounce the Korean consonants

If you know how to write Korean consonants, you should know how to read them. First, watch the following video which tells how to pronounce the Korean consonants. Then you can practice with our online Korean learning programs.

21 Korean vowel letters

All Korean vowel letters are made with only 3 components •, —, ⎜. 6 basic Korean vowel letters are made by the basic combination of these 3 components, ㅏ, ㅓ, ㅗ, ㅜ, ㅡ, ㅣ. By adding more basic components to these basic Korean vowels, the remaining 15 combined vowels are made.

The stroke order of writhing Korean vowels

How to write Korean letters-vowels

How to Make a Korean letter

If you learn how to read and write Korean consonants and vowels, you can make real Korean letters by combining a consonant and a vowel. A Korean letter is made by combining just a consonant and a vowel.

how to make Korean letters

Korean Pronunciation Table

If you try all possible combinations of basic consonants and basic vowels try the online Korean alphabet chart.

Korean words​

If you get familiar with reading and writing the Korean alphabet Hangul. It’s time to learn Korean words. First, try our online program to learn Korean words.

Korean Words Practice

Korean Wordcard Practice

More Resources to help Learn Korean​

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