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TOPIK I Guidance on Reading | 5 Question Types

New to TOPIK? Don’t know what the questions will be like?
Here’s a little introductory guidance on TOPIK I reading, to help you understand the 5 question types in the TOPIK reading section for beginners.

TOPIK Reading Question Type 1

<보기>와 같이 (     )에 들어갈 가장 알맞은 것을 고르십시오.

Choosing the most appropriate one to be in the bracket(    ) as shown in the example.

must knows:

  • 보기-example
  • 같이-like, to be same as
  • 들어갈-to go into
  • 가장-the most
  • 알맞은-to fit in, appropriate
  • 것-thing
  • 고르십시오-choose, select

TOPIK Reading Question Type 2

다음을 읽고 맞지 않는 것을 고르십시오.

Choosing the in-correct one after reading following passage.

must knows:

  • 다음-next, following
  • 읽고-read and then
  • 맞지 않는-not suitable, not correct

TOPIK Reading Question Type 3

다음을 읽고 중심생각을 고르십시오.

Choosing the main idea after reading following passage.

must knows:

  • 중심-central, core, important
  • 생각-thinking, idea

TOPIK Reading Question Type 4

다음을 순서대로 맞게 나열한 것을 고르십시오.

Arranging sevral passage in correct sequence to make sense.

must knows:

  • 순서대로-in sequence, in order
  • 맞게-correctly, suitably
  • 나열한-arranged

TOPIK Reading Question Type 5

이 글의 내용과 같은 것을 고르십시오.

Choosing the one that is the same as the content of the text.

must knows:

  • 글-writing, text
  • 내용-content
  • 같은-same, to be alike

The solution to these 5 types of Questions

topik guidance on reading

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