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If you intend to take korean language, I strongly recommend.

If you intend to take korean language, I strongly recommend Seoul Korean language centre.

5 star google reviewSeoul korean Language School offers a conducive environment to learn Korean. For example clean classroom, small class size and fully air cond. In addition, teacher and staff are extremely helpful and friendly. Frankly speaking, I enjoy myself in every lesson and always looking forward to attend the next lesson. Lastly, if you intend to take korean language, I strongly recommend Seoul Korean language centre. I am sure you will enjoy it.

Tan Wee Chong


My heartfelt thanks to the school. 정말 고마워요.

5 star google reviewMy daughter enjoyed her class lessons conducted by Teacher Song for the past three Basic Lessons over 9 months. She is now moving to Basic 4. I am a parent who have learned Korean Language in the past with other schools.

I was very impressed that the teaching materials were very well laid out for my daughter. The text book and the lessons prepared by the school is good. The learning journey is very enjoyable. It provides essential contents that allows a new student to understand the korean language steadfast. The use of both Grammer(문법) and Vocabulary (어휘) are illustrated clearly.

Due to the scaled down class size. My daughter have a lot more opportunity to speak with her classmates who were much much senior than herself. This provides a very good exposure to build her confidence in learning this language. The administrator is also very friendly and extremely helpful. My heartfelt thanks to the school. 정말 고마워요.

Gavyn Lim


Best Korean classes more than I have imagined!

5 star google reviewThis has to be one of the best korean classes I’ve taken. After doing some online, this class was very fun! Not only were the materials good, the teacher was also very engaging and made us use Korean more than I could ever have imagined!

Alphonsus Yong


SKLC is the best for me. I recommend anyone who wants to learn the Korean language

5 star google reviewI’ve attended classes at different schools, and I must say SKLC is the best for me. Others wrote about Teacher Song’s patience and dedication to her students, so I will not repeat that.

What resonates with me is 선생님’s competency in delivering structured grammar in a way even the weakest student can understand. She also fortifies it by making practice drills of different word forms. I also appreciate the fact that she emphasizes a lot on pronunciation, which often is overlooked by other schools/teachers.

Thank you Seoul Korean Language Centre. Without a doubt, I will recommend anyone who wants to learn the Korean language to come here!

Lillian Chen


I love Teacher Song’s lessons

5 star google review선생님은 친절합니다. 수업은 재미 있습니다. I shall translate: The teacher is friendly. The lesson is fun. I love Teacher Song’s lessons. She is very understanding. She knows that I am very busy at work so she tries her best to accommodate my learning speed and my lack of revision and focus. Thank you, Teacher Song for always revising what I have learnt weekly before teaching new things and thank you for your patience.

AP Wang


Pleasant experience in learning Korean language

Thank you for such a pleasant experience in learning korean Language. I had a great time joining the evening class. Will definitely recommend to family and friends 😄

moon callisto


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Tan Wee Chong

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