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Review from 20 years ago – Thank you so much to teacher Song

Teacher Song is the best Korean teacher

Teacher Song have taught Korean language from 20 years ago. She started to teach Korean language to young students at a School in South Korea. When she leave the school to move to Singapore, they shared their memories with teacher Ms Song. They all gave her a thanks for her fun and interesting Korean language classes they had. They all remember her as the best Korean teacher.

“나를 잊어버리지 마십시오? 송선생님 :)” Don’t forget me Ms Song.

I LOVE your class! It’s my favorite. PATHETIC!!! Anyway, I will not forget you .



“You were one of the coolest teachers!!”

송선생님, I’ll miss you. You were one of the coolest teachers!!
Thank you so much for enduring us.
Your student, Risun



Korean language review from 20 years ago
Best Korean language teacher ms Song



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