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How to know how tall idols are

How to know how tall idols are

The simplest way to find out the height of K-pop idols may be to check their profiles but the agencies may not be always true.
So here is a little tip to estimate their height by yourself.
You have to watch K-idol reality shows and…
Wait for this moment!

how tall idols are

You really have to have sharp eyes…
And also be knowledgeable about models of home appliances,

especially Korean products 🙂

It is “Gipel modern style metal graphite (model no is SRS75HMGGG)” of Samsung Electronics.
According to the information on the homepage of Samsung Electronics, the dimensions are 908 by 1788 by 905 mm.

Since the refrigerator is about 179cm tall, you can guess his/her, in this case, Lee Seung Hoon (WINNER), height to be around 183~184cm.

And he is definitely higher than the refrigerator and thinner than it. ^^;;

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