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Biggest Themepark Everland

The biggest theme park in South Korea

There are 2 major theme parks(놀이공원) in Korea.
The biggest one is “EVERLAND(에버랜드)” and the other one is “LOTTE WORLD(롯데월드)”.
Lotte World may be more popular to foreigners due to its accessibility from Gangnam(강남).
Nevertheless, the biggest one is Everland. It’s famous not only because of its attraction but also thanks to its amusing staff.
Here are some examples and you can find many other videos on YouTube.

Legendary Tumbling Uncle

It is not sure whether this guy is a staff of Everland. It is not known to Korean people even after this clip became popular in society. Even if it is a trick or not this clip is quite funny though.

Amazon Express Dancing Staffs

The staff in Everland are very energetic. A long time ago when the Everland first opened, there was no such show as this. One day a staff of ‘Amazon Express’ started to conduct a dancing show. At first, the staff danced with broomsticks wiping out the water on the floor. Although there is no video of him dancing but there are many videos like this.

Peter Pan Staffs

‘Peter Pan’ is a kind of rolling ride. The staff of this attraction are like a DJ in a club. They make the ride more exciting.

Everland Ticket propose

A visitor is submitting his ticket after a dumbling to a pretty clerk. It looks like he is proposing to her. ^^ Korean say ‘she got heartbreak(심쿵)’.

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