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Great experience at Seoul Korean Language Centre

It was a great experience.

5 star google reviewIt was a great experience at Seoul Korean Language Centre. I like how the classroom setting is, catering to a smaller group of students where the Teacher is able to understand each and every student’s learning ability, paying extra attention to those that are struggling.

What’s interesting is also, allowing us to practice with our fellow classmates by having conversations and every individual to answer a set of questions given by the Teacher, a 2 way learning model instead of just going to a class and hear what the Teacher has to teach and call it done. Thank you Seoul Korean Language Centre!



Highly recommend anyone who wants to pick up a new language!

5 star google reviewI’ve almost completed basic 1!! These past 9 weeks have been very enjoyable, and I look forward to Tuesday classes every week^^🌸. The place is fairly easy to find, and it’s convenient for those who travel by MRT since the centre is located a walking distance from Kovan MRT 🙂 Teacher Song and the admin 언니 are very friendly and welcoming, and the classes are kept to small groups (for those who appreciate that), class materials are also their own instead of the regular textbooks, and we are always given opportunities during class to make use of what we have learnt.

Highly recommend anyone who wants to pick up a new language! 💗

Kieona Lee


Definitely would highly recommend this school!

5 star google reviewTeacher Song founded this school with passion, and is very patient and structured in her teaching to ensure you retain the most out of what you learn. The materials are very helpful and easy to understand, and the lessons are fun and insightful and relevant to what one might use in their daily lives. The course fees are also very reasonable and classroom setting is a big rectangular table so everyone can see the board, and small group of no more than 12 usually. Definitely would highly recommend this school! To navigate here, take the stairs or lift up to second level. Watch for signs of the school’s name at first level.

Crystal Koh


Class is always filled with laughter

5 star google reviewAmazing school with warm and friendly teacher and admin. I moved from another recognise Korean language school and have not regretted even once. Teacher Song ensure we get lots of practice and make sure that the class is always filled with laughter.

Maz J


I enjoy every lesson. Our lessons are always filled with laughter.

5 star google reviewI’ve been taking Korean classes at Seoul Korean Language Centre for more than half a year, and I enjoy every lesson. ^^ Our teacher, Ms Song, is very experienced, and her clear explanation always makes new concepts easy to understand. She is also a lively and humorous teacher, so our lessons are always filled with laughter.

The small class size (maximum 12 students*) allows every student to have more opportunity to practise speaking Korean. The emphasis of each lesson is on speaking the language, which is important, given that Singaporeans do not have much opportunities to speak it in our daily lives.

Homework is given after each lesson, and it’d be good to complete them to brush up on the reading and writing aspect (having practised speaking and listening in class). Online resources are also provided on their website, so we could do our revision any time in the comfort of our homes.

The centre is conveniently located near Kovan hub, which makes it easily accessible to people who are staying in the northeast area. The fees are also reasonable, as compared to the bigger players in the market. Given the smaller class size, convenient location and affordable fees, I’d say that what I’ve paid for is value-for-money! 😊

Tziqing Ng


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great experience at Seoul Korean language centre


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