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Birth of New Kimchi – Kkakdugi (깍두기)

Birth of New Kimchi – Kkakdugi

One fine day in Hanyang(the name of Seoul in the Joseon dynasty), in the 18th century,

King Jeongjo, the 2nd king of Joseon dynasty

He eats Kimchi every day so he is so sick of it that

he want to slap someone with Kimchi.

So the chef made something new for the King.


That was something new with radish that he could not slap with.

The King was satisfied with that new Kimchi and ask the name of the new Kimchi.

But there was no name yet.

She told him that she just cut the radish “kkakduk kkakduk”(the sound of chopping radish in Korea)

So, the King names it as “kkadugi”

So, this kind of Kimchi made with radish is called “kkakdugi”

These are just snapshots that I made after being inspired by one of the stories on the origin of kkakdugi (깍두기). It is said that a princess made new kimchi for her father (King Jeongjo) who was bored with the same kimchi every day. (King Jeongjo).

Impressed by the taste, he asked for the name of the kimchi and she replied “There’s no name. I just cut the radish “kkakduk kkakduk (깍둑 깍둑)”. And that’s how the king named it “kkakdugi”.

Of course, there was no kimchi slap in Joseon Dynasty. I just added it for fun.

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