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Master speak and write Korean

Master speaking and writing in Korean

5 star google reviewI have always wanted to master speaking and writing in Korean. When I happened to see Seoul Korean Language centre near my home, that prompted me to go for the trial lesson. Immediately after the trial, I signed up for basic 1. Time flies I am now in basic2.

Ms Song has been very experienced and conducted every lesson with the first 15 mins running through revision. I guess she knew that we hardly have time from our busy schedule to do any revision. Ms Song is always very patient and encouraging. Her tone, teaching speed, explanation are very comfortable and clear. Lesson filled with lots of interaction with classmates and full of laughter. Classroom size is conducive to enable each to be attentive and still focus, never have a moment where you will fall asleep.

Look forward to continue and complete till advance stage, despite having a busy work schedule.

Patricia Chew


Amazing Korean school with warm and friendly teacher

5 star google reviewAmazing school with warm and friendly teacher and admin. I moved from another recognise Korean language school and have not regretted even once. Teacher Song ensure we get lots of practice and make sure that the class is always filled with laughter.

Maz J


Without a doubt, I will recommend anyone who wants to learn the Korean language to come here!

5 star google reviewI’ve attended classes at different schools, and I must say SKLC is the best for me. Others wrote about Teacher Song’s patience and dedication to her students, so I will not repeat that. What resonates with me is 선생님’s competency in delivering structured grammar in a way even the weakest student can understand. She also fortifies it by making practice drills of different word forms. I also appreciate the fact that she emphasizes a lot on pronunciation, which often is overlooked by other schools/teachers. Thank you Seoul Korean Language Centre. Without a doubt, I will recommend anyone who wants to learn the Korean language to come here!

Lillian Chen


Highly recommended~ Good value+quality

5 star google reviewHave been taking lessons here for quite some time now. Teacher is very
patient and makes learning easy. The classes were also relatable and engaging. Highly recommended~ Good value + quality!



Seoul Korean Language Center Singapore is truly a jem

5 star google reviewI never thought of enjoying learning a new language like this. From the admin Ms. Kris to Teacher Song they make sure that you enjoy every class you take here. You will feel like you are a part of a family and not only a student. Teacher Song always makes sure students understand the lessons at the same time enjoys it as well.

Seoul Korean Language Center Singapore is truly a jem because offers excellent classes that are affordable to both students and professionals who are seeking to learn Korean language. I never regretted enrolling here.

Sharon Encila


Highly recommend any one with interest to learn Korean

5 star google reviewLessons were comprehensive per semester taught by experienced and patient teacher. Keeping lessons interesting and relatable for better understanding. Would highly recommend any one with interest to learn Korean. 👍🏻 Thank you!

Marcella Yong


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