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Opening Korean Language Class

opening Korean language classes

Here we introduce newly opening Korean Language Class “Korean Language Basic1”. 
The “Korean Language Basic1” Course is the first class for those beginning to learn Korean. It covers essential letters and reading and writing skills, as well as basic expressions and grammar using the most fundamental vocabulary necessary for learning Korean.

Opening Korean Language Class

Class starting on June 4th

· Once a week on every Sun at 7:00 pm
· 8 sessions of 2 hours each.
· On-site

Class starting on June 23rd

· Once a week on every Sun at 3:10 pm
· 8 sessions of 2 hours each.
· On-site

You Will Learn

· How to read and write the Korean Alphabet Hangul.

· Korean expression related to greetings and introduction

· Korean vocabulary about countries, occupations, food, drink and family.

Trial Lesson

· On 24 May, Fri at 7:30 pm
· On 26 May, Sun noon
· On 2 Jun, Sun at 4:00 pm
· On 3 Jun, Mon at 7:00 pm

Free 1 hour lesson

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