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Korean Language Upper-Intermediate4 Class TOPIK II Korean Course The Korean Language Upper-Intermediate4 class is the fourth class in the high-level …


Korean Language Upper-Intermediate4 Class

TOPIK Korean Course

TOPIK II Korean Course

Korean language upper intermediate4

The Korean Language Upper-Intermediate4 class is the fourth class in the high-level Korean course and represents the final stage of the typical Korean learning phases. It is the level at which you can engage in everyday conversations. You can read, write, listen to, and speak Korean in most cases.

Course Duration

  • 12 weeks of 1.5 hours lesson
  • Once a week
  • Online @ Live ZOOM

You will learn

  1. How to express body conditions.
  2. How to express attires.
  3. Expression using 'A/V-던'
  4. Expression using 'A/V-잖아(요)'
  5. Expression using 'V-(으)ㄹ 생각(계획, 예정)이다'
  6. Expression using 'V-(으)려면 멀었다'
  7. How to make verbs in the causative form.
  8. Expression using ' A-다면' or 'V-ㄴ(는)다면'
  9. Expression using '무엇이든지' or '무슨 N(이)든(지)'
  10. Expression using 'V-았더니/었더니'
  11. Expression using '얼마나 A-(으)ㄴ지/V-는지 모르다'
  12. Expression using 'A-(으)ㄴ 모양이다', 'V- 모양이다', or 'N인 모양이다'
  13. Expression using 'A/V-아야/어야' or 'N이어야/여야'


  • 10과 결혼하려면 아직 멀었어요. (It will be a long time before I get married.)
  • 11과 언제든지 일할 수 있어요. (You can work anytime you like.)
  • 12과 운동을 했더니 몸이 좋아졌어요. (I exercised, and my body became better.)

Textbook and materials

  • 서울대 한국어 3B (Seoul National University Korean)
  • More audio materials will be provided during the class.
  • More information about the textbook on Google

Requirement for Korean Language Uppe-Intermediate4 Class

The availability of Upper-Intermediate classes will be determined after an individual consultation with the teacher. Please kindly email us at [email protected] or contact via WhatsApp(+65 9721 2433) to consult.


  • Course Fee: $330 (exclusive of any materials)
  • Registration: $20, if it is your first time at our centre.
  • Total Sum: $350, if it is your first time at our centre.
  • Textbook: You must prepare the textbook yourself. If you purchase it from our centre, it is available for $40/book, only if it is in stock.

Payment Method

PayNow is preferred.

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Please inform us via WhatsApp(+65 9721 2433) or email ([email protected]) after you have deposited the tuition fee.

More Enquiry

If you have any further questions, please contact us via WhatsApp (+6597212433) or send an email to [email protected].

More contact information for the Seoul Korean Language Centre is here.

Course Currilcum

    • Upper-Intermediate4 Grammar V- 이/히/리/기/우-(사동) 00:00:00
    • Upper-Intermediate4 A-다면, V-ㄴ다면/는다면, N(이)다면 00:00:00
    • Upper-Intermediate4 무엇이든(지), 무엇(N)든(지) 00:00:00
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