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Korean Language Intermediate 5 Course - TOPIK2

$ 340 per 11 weeks

Korean Language Intermediate5 Class

TOPIK Korean Course

TOPIK II Korean Course

Korean language intermediate5

The "Korean Language Intermediate5" course is the 5th course of intermediate-level Korean studies, where you will learn various Korean expressions as well as intermediate-level grammar and vocabulary. The content from this course onwards is included in the curriculum for the TOPIK2 exam.

Course Duration

  • 11 weeks of 1.5 hours lesson
  • Once a week
  • Online @ Live ZOOM

You will learn

  1. Dialogue about living conditions and finding a place to live
  2. Talking about 'public etiquette' and mistakes in the past
  3. How to express changes using 'A~졌어요'
  4. Expression using 'A/V ㄹ지 모르겠다', which corresponds to 'not sure if ~'
  5. Expression using 'A/V 기는 하지만', which corresponds to 'A/V but ~'
  6. Expression reason using 'A/V/N 기 때문에', which corresponds to 'because ~'
  7. Adverbalization of verbs using 'V 기(가) A'
  8. How to express experiences using 'V ㄴ 적이 있다(없다)'
  9. How to express times in the past using 'A/V 았을/었을 때'
  10. How to express permission using 'V 아도/어도 되다', which corresponds to 'can' or 'may'
  11. How to express changes using 'A 아/어 지다', 'V 게 되다', which corresponds to 'become'
  12. How to express previous time using 'V 기 전에', which corresponds to 'before ~'
  13. How to express next time using 'V ㄴ 후에', which corresponds to 'after ~'


  • 13과 주변이 조용해서 살기 좋아요. (Living conditions are good because the neighbourhood is quiet.)
  • 14과 여기서 사진 찍어도 돼요? (May I take a picture here?)
  • 15과 한국 생활에 익숙해졌어요 (I've become used to living in Korea.)

Textbook and materials

  • 서울대 한국어 2B (Seoul National University Korean)
  • More audio materials will be provided during the class.
  • More information about the textbook on Google
SNU Korean 2B Student Book

Requirement for Korean Language Intermediate4 Class

Should you have not completed the Intermediate4 at our centre, you have to verify your suitability for the Intermediate5 course by taking theIntermeditate4 Level Test
The result of the Intermediate4 Level Test will be assessed by the teacher to determine the suitability of the test-taker to attend the Korean Language Intermediate5 Course
Please kindly email at [email protected] or contact via WhatsApp to prompt an evaluation.


  • Course Fee: $320 (exclusive of any materials)
  • Registration: $20, if it is your first time at our centre.
  • Total Sum: $340, if it is your first time at our centre.
  • Textbook: You must prepare the textbook yourself. If you purchase it from our centre, it is available for $40, only if it is in stock.

Payment Method

PayNow is preferred.

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Please inform us via WhatsApp(+65 9721 2433) or email ([email protected]) after you have deposited the tuition fee.

More Enquiry

If you have any further questions, please contact us via WhatsApp (+6597212433) or send an email to [email protected].

More contact information for the Seoul Korean Language Centre is here.

Course Currilcum

    • SNU 2B Student’s Book Audio Files 00:00:00
    • Intermediate5 Lesson1 Vocabulary 00:00:00
    • Intermediate5 Lesson1 @ZOOM Unlimited
    • Intermediate5 Lesson2 @ZOOM Unlimited
    • Intermediate5 Lesson3 @ZOOM Unlimited
    • Intermediate5 Lesson4 @ZOOM Unlimited
    • Intermediate5 Lesson5 @ZOOM Unlimited
    • Intermediate5 Lesson6 @ZOOM Unlimited
    • Intermediate5 Lesson7 @ZOOM Unlimited
    • Intermediate5 Lesson8 @ZOOM Unlimited
    • Intermediate5 Lesson9 @ZOOM Unlimited
    • Intermediate5 Lesson 10 @ZOOM Unlimited
    • Intermediate5 Lesson11 @ZOOM Unlimited
    • Intermediate5 Lesson11 V(으)ㄴ 후에 00:00:00
    • Intermediate5 Lesson11 말하기 00:00:00
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